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First of all I just wanted to say thank you for visiting our website, i do hope you like what you see in our designs.

We know that every individual  has a different styles ,taste so every home is unique in its own, so that's why we at the grace and ethel  hand painted furniture we love to be different, stand out from the crowd and be unique with a lot of our pieces. We use a lot of different products  stencils ,furniture transfer's ,wallpaper and moulds  to make these pieces just right for you.


we source a lot of our pieces in from many place over the uk , sometimes we hear from the sellers the story behind the piece as some can be passed down as a  heirlooms, or pieces they brought for their first home, it actually surprises me  how many individuals keep the first piece of furniture they brought for  their first home and it moves around with them if they ever move. 


All About Me

To start with i just wanted to explain a little bit about our business name as you may thing that the business is run my two people but   in fact is only just me. (samantha) you probably now wonder why the grace and ethel . well that's where my grandparents come into this , both sets have sadly passed so I wanted to call my business both my nans names so that's  where the ethel and grace part comes from..

Being creative has always been a passion of mine since a young age, art was my favourite subject in school, I even painted a mural on my bedroom wall  when I was young  girl .I  always knew that I had to do something creative in my life, it may have taken me a while to get here but  in 2016  i pick up my first set of nest of tables and that's when my passion for furniture painting began.





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